Social and Environmental Responsibility

Organizations are the main agents of a country's economic development. Its technological advances and the significant capacity to generate resources generate the need for cooperative and integrated actions aimed at the development of processes aimed at Environmental Management with Social Responsibility. Socially responsible companies are recognized by consumers. The support of its employees creates competitive advantages and, consequently, greater levels of success. Social and Environmental Responsibility are considered market differentials in the globalized world. Social Responsibility represents for TECNOGAS a permanent commitment to ethics and to the economic and social development of the country, while at the same time promoting an improvement in the quality of life of its workforce and its families, the community and society as a whole. Everything. Today we consider a commitment as important as the quality of our services or the credibility of our brand. Our commitment goes beyond the obligation to respect the laws, pay taxes and observe the proper conditions of safety and health for workers. We have socio-environmentally correct practices because we believe that we will be a better company, contributing to the construction of a more just society. The entire production chain must practice the concept of social and environmental responsibility in business. Therefore, we are also responsible for enforcing our codes of ethics with our suppliers. The true change in the social environment must be initiated at home in the early years of the child's life through education. Brazil urges an educational transformation, so that life can be of better quality, but it will only come through the valuation of our education through a long-term strategic planning. Urgent is also taken care of nature.


Executive director