Social and Environmental Responsibility

Private companies are responsible for most technological advancements and possess a meaningful capability to generate resources. At the same time as it makes them the main agents of economical development in a country, it also means that they may have a great impact on society and on the environment. In order to lessen the possible strains from such an effect, there is a need for cooperative actions that foster Environmental Management and Social Responsibility.

Socially responsible companies are recognized by the consumers. The full commitment of their staff implies competitive advantages and, thus, greater rates of success. Social and environmental responsibility are factors of market differentiation on the globalized world.

To TECNOGAS, social responsibility means a perpetual commitment with ethics and the social and economical development of the country. At the same time, it should promote an improvement in the quality of life of the work force, their families, the community and society as a whole. Today, we consider it a commitment as important as the quality the services we provide and the credibility of our brand.

Our commitment goes above the obligation to abide by laws, pay taxes and observe proper safety and health conditions at work. We follow environmentally correct standards because we believe that, this way, we can be a better company and contribute to a fairer society.

The entire productive chain must practice the concept of social and environmental responsibility in business. So, we are responsible for making sure that our suppliers share our point of view and ethics code.

The true change in society has to be initiated at home, in the first years of life of a child, through education. Brazil is pressing for an educational overhaul, in order to improve everyone’s quality of life. However, it can only come from valuing education through long-term strategic planning. Just as it is pressing to take care of nature.

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